Utah State Information

In Utah, approximately over 41,000 children live with grandparents or other relative caregivers. Additionally, over 15,000 grandparents reported having their grandchildren living with them.

The Utah Department of Human Services has a priority to keep children in their homes with their parents; however, when children cannot remain in their own homes the state makes kinship care its primary placement option. Utah offers to kinship care families financial assistance through a “Specified Relative Grant.” Grant awards are based solely on the income and finances of the children and not the kinship caregiver. Further support for kinship care families is provided through various organizations throughout the state. These organizations assist kinship care families in many areas. The organizations provide emotional support, education, assistance with state programs and many other resources. Please see the links below for program information.

Utah offers a diverse range of services, support, and assistance for kinship care families. Through public and private partnerships the state has been able to place many children with relatives, and prevent their entrance into the foster system.

By the Numbers
  • Over 41,000 children live with grandparents or other relative caregivers.
  • Over 15,000 grandparents report having their grandchildren living with them.
Grandparent Visitation

Download the Grandparent Visitation information here (current as of 8/1/11)

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