Michigan State Informartion

In Michigan, approximately over 183,000 children live with grandparents or other relative caregivers. Additionally, over 70,000 grandparents reported having their grandchildren living with them.

The Michigan Kinship Care Resource center is the thriving force for assistance and advocacy. This resource center is a function of Michigan State University and works to educate assist and advocate for kinship care families. The Kinship Care Resource Center has formed a Legislative Task Force. The task force is advocating for the signing of bill SB-170 into law. This bill would give kinship caregivers guardianship of children in their care; in addition to, a monthly stipend. SB-172 is another important bill, because it would prevent children in relative care from being removed, while the relative is applying for a foster care license. HB 4735 is also of great importance to kinship care families, as this bill gives relatives the first priority over foster care when a child must be removed from his or her parents.

Michigan offers a diverse range of services, support, and assistance for kinship care families. Through public and private partnerships the state has been able to place many children with relatives, and prevent their entrance into the foster system.

By the Numbers
  • Over 183,000 children live with grandparents or other relative caregivers.
  • Over 70,000 grandparents report having their grandchildren living with them.
Grandparent Visitation

Download the Grandparent Visitation information here (current here as of 8/1/11)

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