Louisiana State Information

In Louisiana, nearly 145,000 children live with grandparents or other relative caregivers. Additionally, over 67,000 grandparents reported having their grandchildren living with them.

The State of Louisiana works diligently to place children with grandparents and not in the foster system. In the state the prevention of a child entering the foster system saves money and is most beneficial for the children. If less than 10% of the children raised by grandparents entered the foster system it would double the state’s foster care budget.

The state has two ways grandparents can obtain custody for their grandchildren; provisional custody by mandate and adoption. Provisional custody by mandate is when a parent gives a grandparent power of attorney over a grandchild. This mandate can be revoked at anytime by the parents. Adoption of a grandchild by a grandparent terminates the rights of the parents.

Louisiana offers a subsidy of $280 per month per eligible child that live with a relative other than a parent; see the link below for more information. The state has been able to place many children with relatives, and prevent their entrance into the foster system.

By the Numbers
  • Over 10% of the total children in Louisiana live with grandparents.
  • Nearly 145,000 children live with grandparents or other relative caregivers.
  • Over 67,000 grandparents report having their grandchildren living with them.
Grandparent Visitation

Download the Grandparent Visitation information here (current as of 8/1/11)

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